Book Review: Red Queen

The Red Queen is the first book in the new series by Victoria Aveyard. It is set in a world where the classes are divided by blood – the Silvers, a privileged race with various abilities, and Reds, who are not specially gifted and live to serve Silvers. Mare is a Red, and she is about to be drafted into the war on the border, like her older brothers. Before she can be taken, however, an incident at the Queen Trials reveales that she is an anomaly, a Red with Silver abilities. Mare is quickly thrust into the palace to take her place among the privileged Silvers – on one condition: she cannot let anyone know the true color of her blood.

Mare enters a world where power is everything, and deception is a way of life. She navigates carefully among the Silvers and learns valuable lessons about prejudice, trust, and the value of life.

Right and wrong is a complicated concept in this book, and anyone can betray anyone. Mare’s struggle with who to trust is almost overwhelming at times, but the tension in the story is balanced with moments of beauty, cleverness, and romance. Red Queen was a solid first installment of a stunning and sweeping series.


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